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Biochemistry Major

Biochemistry is a fast-growing and dynamic field that allows you to apply chemistry to life and understand biological systems at the molecular level. You'll learn by working closely with faculty who are not only dedicated teachers, but also enthusiastic researchers.

As a biochemistry major at WLC, you’ll learn how to apply chemistry to biological systems and create new medical treatments, manipulate and research DNA, protein, and other macromolecules that make up the basis of life.

What medical breakthroughs could you help create?

You may assist on such projects as engineering microbial phosphate biosensors using recombinant DNA technology, applying cellular and molecular genetic strategies to investigate heart development, analyzing soil, studying protein structures and enzyme kinetics, biochemical analysis, and designing and synthesizing new antibiotic drugs.

This interdisciplinary major gives you a powerful toolkit to use in this versatile, and ever-changing career field.

Participate in impressive undergraduate research

The number of faculty-guided undergraduate research projects is always growing. You’ll assist faculty on research projects like using molecular genetic techniques to engineer microbial phosphate biosenors, heart development and non-embryonic stem cell biology, field and greenhouse soil science, subcelluar workings of bacteria to identify targets for new antibiotics, genetics of plant development, and infectious diseases.

You’ll have an opportunity to conduct research both in the lab and in the field. Previous projects include improving water quality in constructed wetlands, studying Ag nanoparticle effects on zebrafish, constructing printed sensors, performing stop-flow kinetic measurements, and experimentation with sulfonamides. Our seniors design, defend, and conduct experiments in a capstone research project designed to demonstrate the practical application of scientific principles in their area of interest. In addition, you may attend and present at national conferences, contribute to academic journals, and take part in academic competitions.

Work alongside expert faculty and enthusiastic researchers

Our students learn by working closely with faculty who are not only dedicated teachers, but also enthusiastic researchers. Like professors at many major research universities, nearly all WLC faculty members in the biology, biochemistry, and chemistry departments hold a doctorate degree and have made meaningful contributions to their field of expertise. But unlike these larger schools, you will never find yourself supervised by a teaching assistant.

iGEM - International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition

Our students have participated in iGEM – the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition – for the last ten years. Participation involves lab work focused on synthetic biology and educational outreach. In the past, WLC students focused on modifying a strain of E. coli to study bacterial resistance to antibiotics and ways to prevent it. Additionally, they attempted to develop a faster test kit for checking for lead and microbial water contamination.

Over the years, WLC’s team has earned bronze, silver, and gold medals at the iGEM competition in Boston alongside such institutions as Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, and MIT.

Our STEM programs are hands-on, meaning our students actively engage in research, explore local and international ecosystems, attend and present at national conferences, contribute to academic journals, and take part in academic competitions.

Study in a premier academic hall filled with state-of-the-art labs and classrooms

Generac Hall is filled with state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms focused around STEM fields. This distinguished academic building houses four nursing labs, a human anatomy lab, a physiology lab, the Sport & Exercise Science Lab, the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMR) Lab, a marine biology lab (with 500-gallon marine reef tank), a greenhouse, the Makerspace, a physics lab, and biology and chemistry labs, among many others.

See for yourself! Schedule your personal visit experience and request a tour of our biochemistry labs, or explore Generac Hall via our panoramic 360° immersive virtual tour.


Learning shouldn't be a spectator sport. 

Our students learn science by doing science.

You will develop close, personal relationships with your classmates and faculty. They want you to succeed academically as well as grow spiritually in a supportive, nurturing environment. They'll engage you in experiential learning that extends far beyond a lecture hall.

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