WLC students in sport and exercise science lab

Exercise Physiology (3+2 Dual-Degree)

Our partnership with Carroll University provides you with an opportunity to obtain both a bachelor's degree in sport and exercise science from WLC and a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology (M.E.X.P.) from Carroll in just five years instead of the usual six.

Students interested in the Christ-centered academic experience that WLC offers can now also achieve their career aspiration through advanced education at Carroll University. You’ll complete three years of coursework at WLC - or, if you prefer, the traditional four years - then transition to Carroll for your last two years.

This accelerated program is designed for students who want to pursue a career as an exercise physiologist, allowing you to complete your master's degree in exercise physiology a year earlier than typical, saving you tuition expenses and allowing you to enter the workforce with an advanced degree and begin earning income sooner.

What is exercise physiology?

Carroll University describes exercise physiology as the scientific study of the physiological mechanisms underlying human movement. In clinical settings, exercise physiologists or exercise specialists work with patients to directly combat their disease using prescriptive exercise, and to improve and maintain their health. Many patients with chronic conditions such as cardiac disease, cancer, or metabolic diseases often work through rehabilitation with a certified exercise physiologist.

Our sport and exercise science majors learn by doing, taking advantage of small, active, and participatory lab experiences. These labs provide hands-on training and experiential learning opportunities with the same equipment used by athletic trainers in the field. Our Sport & Exercise Science Lab features gold-standard equipment, including a hydrostatic weighing tank for underwater weighing and body composition measurements, Watt and Monark bikes, force plates, and a force plate treadmill.