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Law (Pre-Law & 3+3 Juris Doctor Dual-Degree)

If you’re interested in pursuing law school, you can participate in our pre-law program, or take advantage of our partnership with Marquette University Law School (Marquette), which allows you the opportunity to obtain your bachelor's degree from WLC and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Marquette in only six years!

Your pre-law preparation at WLC helps you achieve a competitive score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and provides foundational knowledge and skills for success in law school.

Eligible students may take classes for three years at WLC, and, having satisfactorily met the requirements for admission to Marquette University Law School, take an additional three years of classes at Marquette, graduating with both a bachelor's degree in a major field of study from WLC and a Juris Doctor degree from Marquette - graduating earlier than typical and getting a jump-start on your legal career.

Begin your preparation for a legal career at WLC

You'll obtain the skills necessary for law school, including:

  • Formal and informal logical reasoning
  • Oral and written communication
  • Argumentation
  • Negotiation
  • Quantitative and qualitative research aptitude
  • Consumption, analyzation, and synthesis of large amounts of information
  • Crafting compelling presentations

What makes your pre-law preparation at WLC distinctive, however, is that you'll receive a scripturally based Christian liberal arts undergraduate education. You'll be prepared for law school and your future legal career with a solid foundation based on Christian moral, ethical, and theological principles. In so doing, you will value the legal profession as a vocation in which Christ calls his people to be “servant leaders” in their communities.

Immersive experiences beyond the classroom

As a pre-law student at WLC, you’ll have opportunities to put your skills into practice outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to participate in the competitive “mock-trial” debate team, the Model United Nations team, and you will also be eligible for membership in Phi Delta Phi, which is the international pre-law honor society.

Your pre-law curriculum

Many of our students interested in pursuing a legal career enroll in the pre-law track of our Politics and Law major. However, there is no specific undergraduate academic major that is required for entrance into law school. Accordingly, pre-law students should choose a major of interest to them, alongside completing an interdisciplinary set of supplemental courses that specifically focus on developing those skills noted previously that are required for success in law school. Some suggested major-minor combinations would include, but are not limited to, the following: business administration, communication, communicative arts, English, environmental science, interdisciplinary studies, history, philosophy, and theology. 

Pre-law students at WLC will establish a curriculum plan and register for courses with the guidance of their major academic advisor in conjunction with the pre-law faculty advisor.

Our graduates are serving with influence and impact

Our graduates have been very successful in matriculating to law school and in their chosen legal careers. Some law schools that recent alumni have attended include Marquette University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Indiana University, University of Minnesota, University of the Pacific, University of St. Thomas, and Washburn University. Alumni have also gone on to work in both private law firms and in the public sector in various legal roles.